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One such radiometric dating system is the iodine-xenon (I-Xe) chronometer.

Anomalies in I – a so-called “short-lived isotope”, which has a half-life of 16.1 million years, and so is now extinct.

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Part of the radiogenic Ar and Xe (the latter from now extinct radioactive isotopes of I and Pu) outgassed from the lunar interior later became retrapped in the dust grains on the lunar surface.At XE, we're not just passionate about saving you money, we're proud of our exceptional service as we connect the world through currency exchange." I have tried other ways to send money to family in another country and the process was not easy and it took time.The lunar regolith therefore constitutes the best available archive of the solar history of the past four billion years.


A range of different radiometric systems are used to date events and processes in the solar system’s history, but they all rely on the same fundamental principles.

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