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They adhered to this crazy notion that when two people come together in the name of something greater than themselves, and each is willing to sacrifice some of his or her selfish desires to make the other's life easier, that that is what real love looks like.And they said something else that was surprising to me at the time: That when two people enact this version of love, day in and day out, the feelings come.Instead, the glimpse these couples gave me into their lives made me completely re-evaluate my understanding of what this institution is all about, and what it means to be in love.If the secular understanding of love were true, then none of these couples should be happy.When they told me that their marriage had been arranged by their parents, I was stunned.I had spoken to them many times before, and always noticed how much they seemed to enjoy one another's company.They did have input into the decision-making process, and did meet their future spouses a few times before making any commitments, but the process was directed by their parents.


What I found most interesting, though, was my friends' understanding of love.It led to a lot of fun and interesting discussions, and what I learned would eventually shatter my notions of what the institution of marriage was all about.



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    “I don’t sleep at night anymore,” said Elefant, a shadchan—or Jewish matchmaker—affiliated with the Ohr Naava: Women’s Torah Center in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn.

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    Now, discover the magic for yourself and create your very own Mauna Kea moment.

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