Who is lauren london dating 2016

Which probably only looked more like maternity wear thanks to the way Lo kept her arms crossed over her lap.(side note, how cute is this video where she professes her love for Nipsey and says he’s the only one she’s ever loved???Hussle’s daughter is named Emani and London’s son Cameron was born out of her relationship with Lil Wayne. “We got a couple obstacles in our way man like my little sis, she about to have a baby.So we gone have to let her get that time out of her system and when she back in New-New shape, we’ll be ready to roll.” Meanwhile, Nip is dropping new music with “Marathon Monday” releases ahead of his forthcoming album, Victory Lap. The couple has announced the arrival of their son, Kross, who was born last month.Today, the rapper and actress shared a photo of the baby boy gripping London’s hand.is the thing,& MY truth.don’t have to like me & while I’m woke, I can see that most of you don’t now.when you did.something has changed w/her.it’s ok, because I don’t..well,didn’t like me either.I told myself I would do whatever it took to keep my family together,to see a smile on someone who has seen us smile on their face hoping we could offer them hope,faith, Love& dignity that I️ once possessed.


Also at #theperfectmatch premiere: @iamlaurenlondon in @houseofcb 's Klaudi draped dress.

I️ decided I didn’t want to be married for the sake of saying so. Someone to share my/our dreams,our successes, our failures,our past,present & future with..& not finding out shit online.of us have been living a LIE! Is it ok that he checks up on u when his phone(s) R stuck to him like glue?

..& sometimes when things R shared,what’s NOT being surfaced is that he has one or several girlfriends,or she’s never home,or he’s very general when he speaks,or “this doesn’t sound like him” or he’s so busy lately!! Is it ok that his friends are HIS friends but my friends are “our” friends?

) A source close to London tells BOSSIP, “She’s not pregnant, she just doesn’t like her stomach area…” Understandable riiiiight?

There’s definitely plenty of women who feel the same exact way. Uh, uhhh, my lil sis man, she uh about to have a baby…



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    Bret wants to be in excellent health before he walks down the aisle.

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