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By doing this every client receives a maximum number of 12 invoices each year.

If you want to go even further, you can enable the Manual Invoicing system that allows you to decide when you want to generate an invoice and for what items.

Billing Extension is the biggest module ever made for WHMCS and the definitive solution for all your billing needs.

It has an extremely wide range of features, from billing to new concepts and ideas that improve your system with many handy tools and also new ways to monetize services that you didn't know you could sell. WHMCS is a very complex software made for Hosting Providers, Web Agencies and more in general for IT professionals but some parts of it has been left uncompleted.

We put a lot of effort into many details so that most of the time even the most complex question can be solved in seconds by simply updating settings.

▌Can you name me some features that are strictly related to billing?

For example if your company is based in the European Union the module automatically knows how to apply taxes including rates and names, if you are asked to generate and submit MOSS reports and so on.

The module has so many functionalities that can perfectly adapt to your requirements.


changing the status or the priority and clicking update.

After so many times and customizations we decided to transfer all our experience in a single module named Billing Extension that is capable to adapt to multiple scenarios and that can be helpful to any company of any country each one with its peculiar regulations and laws. We developed the module always keeping in our mind that every single feature had to be modular because every country and company has its own needs.

You can easily configure the module so that it knows what to do.

From the 'Set Pricing' tab you can quickly and easily set, update or remove registration, transfer and renewal pricing for terms up to 10 years across any price categories, client groups/price slabs and currencies for domain extensions you have set up in WHMCS.

You can choose to manually set the price for each term, or set the '1 Year' price and get the module to calculate pricing for the other terms automatically.This is limited to 10 extensions in order to avoid timeouts.



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