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The series was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, and stars Ansari in the lead role of Dev Shah, a 30-year-old actor, mostly following his romantic, professional, and cultural experiences.

The first season was set in New York City, and consisted of ten episodes.

After auditioning for a sitcom called 3 Buddies, Dev accidentally receives an email thread from the producer saying they can cast only one Indian and includes a racist remark.

The producer tries to apologize by treating Dev to a Knicks game and visiting a VIP area.

The two get along and he sneaks her out of her retirement home to enjoy a fancy dinner, but she escapes when he isn't looking.

He and Rachel search for her, and finally find her singing at a popular jazz club.

After conferring with Denise and Benjamin, a fellow actor from The Sickening, they agree that an affair may be doable if she does not have kids or if the husband never finds out.


She agrees, as long as she would get home in time for her niece's recital on Sunday night.Dev's friend Denise invites him to a work party, where he meets her publication's food critic, Nina (Claire Danes).Nina is intent on having sex with him, but before they do the deed, Dev discovers she is married and backs out.The two have a fun time together, but he takes a detour on their way to the airport and they miss their flight, and she misses her niece's recital. While working on a commercial, Dev finds out that a colleague had been pursued by a man (Brian Berrebbi) on her way home.


When Dev tells Denise and Rachel about it, the women share similar experiences.

The director revises the commercial so that all the main speaking roles are given to the women, and Dev is later removed from the ad for not being a good fit with his new role in it.



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