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Quaternary Sciences, 2012,32(3):499~509 Campbell I H, Reiners P W, Allen C M et al.

He-Pb double dating of detrital zircons from the Ganges and Indus Rivers: Implication for quantifying sediment recycling and provenance studies.


Especially the apatite U-Th/He chronometry is sensitive to late Cenozoic structure deformation, and to the geomorphic evolution drove by river incision and glacial erosion because of the low closure temperature of Helium.Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 1997,151(3~4):167~179 Reiners P W, Ehlers T A, Mitchell S G et al.Coupled spatial variations in precipitation and long-term erosion rates across the Washington Cascades.The large uncertainty generally attribute to four factors, long α-stopping distance effect, unhomogeneous uranium and thorium distribution, helium implanting and helium closure temperature changing resulted from the radioactive damage.

Therefore the boring grain-picking has been asked to make sure the mineral grain quality is good enough.Quaternary Sciences, 2015,35(2):433~444 吕红华, 王玮, 常远等. Cenozoic episodic exhumation of the Tian Shan range, NW China. 第四纪研究, 2012,32(3):499~509 Zhang Zhicheng Guo Zhaojie Li Jianfeng et al.


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