So we can conclude that this is a general ports collection's problem.

Usually, I noticed there are two main reasons for this: 1) A port change its name (eg tools-foobar becomes foobarutils).

Searching for a multi-platform solution not reliant on xorg (yes, that’s what’s providing your mac with its interface) yielded no results that fit the bill.

My next thought was to go back to using an encrypted text file without an interface. I tried several console interfaces which handle Kee Pass X databases, and a perl script called kpcli was the winner.

Any option of make that could tell which files to keep, for instance ? Hello, First of all, I don't use portshaker, but I encountered the problem with files conflicting, several times.

Usually I notice it when upgrading my whole ports collecion (which for me is portmaster -ad)..

But I fixed that today and make the daring promise that I will keep my boxes on top of the line from now on.

I have to admit: my Free BSD server had not been updated for quite a while.

Again, the problem is solved by uninstalling foobar-modules before attempting the ports upgrade.

As far as I could see, these issues are mentioned in /usr/ports/UPDATING file, together with the complete commands to solve the conflicting files, so you only have to copy/paste the removal commands and then re-attempt upgrade.

It ships with perl version 5.8 which does not allow nested regex quantifiers.

You first need to upgrade perl to 5.10 or higher, I chose the 5.10 branch, following the commands as listed in /usr/ports/UPDATING at 20090328.For instance, I've had this problem with mod_fcgid and apache.


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