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Again this section is not about leasing from a company, it's about buying your truck. If you have poor money management skills, you should not become an owner operator yet.

Save some money, fix your credit, work on your discipline and then go O/O. If you have good credit, and the skills mentioned above, compare prices of getting your truck from the dealership against the trucking company.

Are you responsible enough to make this O/O venture work? Leasing your truck on to a carrier is has nothing to do with leasing a truck.

It just means instead of getting your own authority you are running your truck under another motor carriers authority and usually getting your loads from them as well.

Some large trucking companies like Swift and Schneider sells trucks too.

Some trucking companies will offer you the option to buy or lease the truck from them.

There are definitely some perks and benefits to being an owner operator.

As far as working when you want to again it depends on that companies policy or how hard you need to run to handle fixed expenses like the truck payment and insurance.

Plus you don't have to wait on your money from the customer.

You are buying your truck not leasing it from that carrier, in this scenario I am covering.

Ex Truckers - Part Timers - Felons - Find Loads Fast and Free Becoming an owner operator is not all glory.

There are things that you should consider before becoming an independent contractor.

Often they will have a subsidiary company that handles that part of their trucking business to do the loan or lease agreement.


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