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All the stories seemed to center around Thailand’s notorious go-go girls, which many foreigners fell for (and lost considerable money in the process). There are some warning signs which I wish I’d recognized when I first met her.

But my terrible Thai dating experience is about a good lady. Unfortunately–what with all the misguided information out there–I learned the rough way. Since there wasn’t much to do in the kingdom of sand and oil, I spent considerable time surfing the net.

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For example, the people who criticised me were the same ones I know for a fact then were cheating on their own partners. I’ve no idea how many people have curtly asked, “How is your Thai girl? I personally know of Chinese girls here who are dating Indian guys and their family cannot accept it. It’s even sadder to see how people react when their own beliefs are challenged. If you’re spending too much time poking your nose in others’ relationships, especially when you’re sad, lonely and worrying over nonsense like if she thinks you’re stalker just because you “Liked” her photo, it’s time to look in the mirror. When I was down and needed someone to talk to about my relationship, the only options were my guy friends. How do you know she’s not screwing around behind your back? Even if my girlfriend was working here, she can easily cheat on me by having a lunchtime quickie in the toilet if she wanted to.

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