Teach your daughters to be intimidating in a pretty dress No sign up adult cam roulette

…even Bob Barker beating the snot out of Happy Gilmore!

So as you can see, golf has more ups and downs than marriage.

Yes, Golf Equipment is expensive, but it is the greatest investment you can make to maximize the success rate of your lady enjoying the game.

If you give her a set of dusty relics that have been sitting in your garage for 30 years, she’s going to lift those things like a chopping axe and probably want to hit you straight upside the head with them after hitting about 5 balls.

If you want her to be a golfer more than she does, its going to be a losing endeavor. The over zealous Golf Dad is a guy you definitely do not want to be.There are two rules you need to remember in order to get your woman started, and a third rule that may even help your relationship and make the learning experience a little more relaxed.The two goals most of you probably want to accomplish are: helping them come to the conclusion that they “LIKE” Golf (maybe not as obsessively as you, but at least willing to make a habit of working to improve their game).UPDATE: Women like shopping, especially when you are paying for it!


Most manufacturers have wisely chosen pink and purple color schemes for their women’s clubs and start your lady’s golf venture off the right way.

If you feel she needs more help than your recitations of every Golf Digest you’ve read on the toilet, save yourself hours in couples’ therapy and get her a few lessons with a local instructor who regularly teaches beginners.



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