Stop attack intimidating shout macro

Description: One of your first attacks, and one of the most versatile ones.It turns your next autoattack into a special (or yellow damage) attack that deals additional damage, as well as causing additional threat.Cleave Description: Much like Heroic Strike, Cleave is an on-next-hit ability that will increase the damage dealt.It costs more Rage than Heroic Strike (although not to the same degree as Heroic Strike will) and adds less damage with the same caveats. Because it will also make your next attack hit another target that is close to you.Heroic Strike becomes considerably stronger when dual wielding, largely as a result of the same issue that makes it mediocre with a two-hander; it turns your attack into a special (yellow) attack.As a result, this swing ignores the dual wield penalty and uses the much more favorable 5% base chance to miss for special attacks.


The spell actually has two effects; the first will fear up to 4 targets within 8 yards of you. Berserker Rage Description: A fantastic tool for Pv E and Pv P.This ability, more than anything else, is why as a Warrior you will be in Berserker stance 90% of the time in Pv P - so as to have access to your fear break when needed.


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