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This website is a compilation of links to FREE zentai, lycra and spandex fetish websites.Discover lots of new content every day, all our links are to free websites. We are the best spandex fetish source on the net, no annoying ads and only free content! Shinyuploads is an online sharing site for people that love to see woman and couples in shiny clothes (like spandex, rubber, latex, pvc and tights / nylons). The focus of this forum is on having FUN IN ZENTAI.The footage depicts Ms Caprice revealing her bra to the camera while sat in a wheelchair, before removing it from under her top.“I wanted them to see a girl in a wheelchair flashing is just as sexy as a girl who can walk getting naked in public,” Leah tells Ms Yates.


Learning to Accept Your Fetish Communicating About Your Fetish Community Q&A A fetish is when a person is sexually aroused by certain objects, body parts, or situations that are not usually considered sexual by the mainstream culture.

“[I] was even more offended when I later discovered that, to some, it was the biggest gesture of admiration he could have given me,” she wrote.

“After an angry Facebook rant, I found myself being introduced to a community of people who are sexually aroused, and attracted to, disability as friends pointed me towards some websites about people known as devotees.” Ms Yates said she found the websites exposed her to “pretty dark stuff” but that she surprised that she “found it strangely refreshing at times” to find a community where people would “love and accept every little bit of me”.

But suppressing one or trying to condition it out could cause psychological damage. Richard Krueger is an associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. said that just as people have different tastes for food, they have diverse sexual fantasies.

He told , “The literature is limited, but it would suggest that they’re (fetishists) healthy or healthier” than those who don’t have one. So a fetish may be “one element of our diversity in terms of sexual interest and arousal.” O’Reilly believes that usually, it’s something that’s imprinted in the mind when a person is first becoming aware of their own sexuality.

Though once considered deviant and shameful, today most psychologists lend us an entirely different view. A recent study published in the finds that one in three people in the US have taken part in one, at least once in their lives.


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