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The flag we have today was chosen, all men and women could vote except for Aboriginal people.

The streets were lit by electricity, surf bathing in the daytime was no longer considered illegal and Australia won Wimbledon for the first time.

The voting age was reduced to 18 years old and university fees were abolished.

Germaine Greer wrote `The Female Eunuch' which became a bible for the rising feminist movement.

The Australian population at the beginning of the decade was over 4 million but was sadly depleted by the end of the decade by the Great War.

The Aboriginal population had already been reduced, but those left were still not counted in the census.

The first decade of this century brought many changes.

Federation occurred in 1901 and Australia became a nation.

A Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody was set up and Australia signed the Ozone Layer Treaty.The ‘Australian 20th century’ timeline follows events and developments in Australia from Federation through to the year 2000.This collection of events provides another means of investigating Australia's past and trying to identify what we mean by 'Our Heritage'.The seventies brought about many changes that had been talked about in the sixties.

Questions for research and discussion: The 1980s are remembered by many as a time of excess, entrepreneurs and environmental issues.In 1972 the Australian Labor Party won the Federal election after 23 years in opposition.



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