Speed dating in dublin city centre

Having acquired more blushers than she'd ever have cheeks, Sue turned her jazz hands to social media to share her love of beauty and the success that followed meant she's managed to partially escape the rat race.Can you take one night out of your life and use it to build your social network, have fun meeting new people and increase your chances of finding that special someone. events are tailored for the gay community so that people who attend can build their social networks, increase their friend base, enhance their socialising skills, possibly meet THE ONE and have a lot of fun while doing it.The authorities might talk about the value of creative centres, but the reality on the ground is one of unreachable buyers locking the doors, and a web of red tape.Bailey Kelly says there is a “disconnected generation of people who have these places, and it’s almost impossible for a younger generation to have access to said spaces.” “They could have a space that is sitting there vacant,” says Young.

The frustration in the city among those who want to do something with boarded-up buildings or disused warehouses is palpable.

It is a Thursday in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper and eligible creatives are being set up on dates with people who have their own creative ideas.



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