Sovereign christian dating


If their is a hardness of heart and resistance to repentance and change (Matt.

19:8; Mark 10:5), divorce may be permissible under certain circumstances.

The Bible teaches that divorce is permissible in the instance of sexual immorality (Matt. In some situations, love may require asking the church to initiate formal discipline to rescue a spouse and a marriage from the devastating effects of unrepentant sin (Matt. In our society, marriages fail under a wide range of circumstances.

; 19:9), or when an unbelieving spouse abandons a marriage (1 Cor. Even though divorce is permissible in these situations, we believe that biblically it is never required, and should only be pursued when all possible attempts at reconciliation have been exhausted. An offended spouse can imitate God‘s love by offering a straying spouse these same evidences of grace (Eph. This may involve patiently bearing neglect or lovingly confronting serious sin (Col. Many people have gone through a divorce before having a relationship with Christ, and others have experienced divorce through no desire or decision of their own.

Though not always necessary, we do believe that a separated spouse should remain single for as long as every effort is applied to reconcile with their husband or wife under the supervision of the church elders.

The elders of Sovereign Grace Church will continue counseling and care of those affected by divorce for as long as necessary after a divorce.




As an elder team, we are committed to helping divorced people restore their previous marriage if that is possible and appropriate.In the Bible times, dating did not exist in the same form that we see it today.


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