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USB Video Class driver compliance built into modern major operating systems makes using these UVC compliant webcams Just-Plug-It-In easy. Evaluate whether you prefer an adjustable focus, want a fixed-focus lens, or cameras that support Auto-Focus.


On most Mac laptops, you do this through a complicated little dance with the keyboard: Plug in the laptop; shut down the laptop; hold down the left-side Shift, Control and Option keys, along with the power button; let go of all four keys; press the power button again.(With desktop Macs, however, you only need to unplug the power cord for about 15 seconds before reconnecting and restarting. Then I had to give up on blaming Microsoft when I saw that Apple's own Face Time also denied the laptop webcam's existence.


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    In conjunction with Animal QTLdb, comparisons of QTL across species have been made possible by virtual comparative map (VCmap), a tool co-developed by Iowa State University, Medical College of Wisconsin and University of Iowa (

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