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If you are the general public wishing to search for registered sex offenders in your area please Please go to the Department of Public Safety’s Sex Offender Information website.

If you need to update any other aspect of your registration, you must call and make an appointment with: Navajo County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Compliance Unit (928) 524-4165 Online identifiers must be reported / updating using one of the following methods.


A risk assessment is conducted of the offender’s likelihood to re-offend and a risk level is assigned to the offender. § 13-3827, the Arizona Department of Public Safety is required to maintain an internet database of all Level II and Level III sex offenders. This applies to all registrants regardless of whether they were required to register their online identifier at the time of their initial registration.

Chat is available from 8am-pm, Monday - Thursday and 10am-pm, Friday.


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