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Reporting on a study of 3,206 teens conducted by Boston College, MSNBC said, “The more attentive the dad—and the more he knows about his teenage child’s friends—the bigger the impact on the teen’s sexual behavior, the researchers found.

While an involved mother can also help stave off a teen’s sexual activity, dads have twice the influence.”This research shows that sex education begins at home.

Yet something vital is missing from this viewpoint—a void in understanding that can lead to wrong conclusions and result in devastating consequences.

A pamphlet created by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) illustrates what Western society generally thinks of sexual activity out of wedlock.


What is wrong with reaping all the physical benefits of sex outside of wedlock so long as one is “smart” about it?

On the other hand, well-meaning parents who seek to discourage premarital sex might simply say: “Because I said so! ” Others, feeling it is inevitable that their child will have sex, may hand their son or daughter a condom and tell them to “be safe.”In both scenarios, parents merely pass along what they feel is right or what others have told them—without ever proving the truth for themselves. Clearly, what parents themselves are missing is a proven source of sound instruction on sex.


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