Robert pattinson dating september 2016

He sits here every day, same table, eating the same [house special scramble], hold the [thing that makes the scramble delicious], and he never sees anyone here, and he’d like to keep it that way. We sit perpendicular to each other, and he keeps on his Helmut Lang sunglasses. I was game for all the others, too, because this is exciting for me, for someone to be as into this as much as I am.

Sometimes he looks at me, but mostly he looks at his scramble and at his dog, Solo, whom he has brought along—he shares the dog with his romantic partner, the experimental British musician FKA Twigs—and who has a Mohawk. Maybe he wants to do something he’s never done before, or see something he’s never seen before, or be someone he’s never been before.

He couldn’t just stand there and be defiant, the way villains do. Instead, he plunged himself into a series of gritty art-house movies, which, of course, is a strategy favored by just about every teen idol trying to go legit. It was a close-up of the film’s star, Arielle Holmes—stringy-haired and staring warily beneath a hot pink filter—whom the Safdies met one day in Manhattan’s Diamond District and decided to make a movie about.

But this is different in that he doesn’t appear to be picking these projects with a calculated eye toward prestige, or even edge. a brutal Australian-made post-apocalyptic heist-revenge tale, without realizing until the credits roll that you’ve been watching Rob Pattinson the whole time. When Pattinson first saw the image, on a film-geek website, the movie wasn’t even out yet. He reached out to them immediately with a blind note saying he was a huge fan and that he wanted to be in their next project.

We’d be in different rooms, or on a hallucinogen, or in the belly of a shark, or in surgery, for Chrissake. It has to be this: That after years of playing dead, Rob Pattinson feels alive again.

playing a vampire who mostly just stood there, brooding—an inert emo-reactor to his cis-mortal heroine, played by Kristen Stewart.

Plus, he says, “I think you have to have a specific type of confidence to be in those movies.” He was confident he didn’t. “It’s a lot about sexual fantasy,” he tells me, “and how your past intermingles, and this thing about kind of having your semen stolen from you in a spaceship and like forcibly impregnating people.” Look for it in theaters soon!

“I’m not very good at sending a message,” he tells me. when he was 21, and throughout his four-year run, he and his co-stars would get dragged to shopping malls to do promotion. Nervous girls would ask him everything from when Edward and Bella were finally going to bone to how he styled his hair. He rode around in the trunks of cars “constantly,” he says, because fuck you.


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