Representing and validating digital business processes

A digital signature is a way of indicating that a document is authentic, has been signed by a particular person, and has not been modified since the signature was applied.Laserfiche digital signatures allow users to automatically sign and validate documents directly in the Laserfiche Client or Laserfiche Web Access.

Generally speaking we use small data files known as Digital Certificate.

Trent, who wants to impersonate Alice, cannot generate the same signature as Alice because she does not have Alice's Private Key (needed to sign the message digest).

If instead, Trent decides to alter the content of the message while in transit, the tampered message will create a different message digest to the original message, and Bob's computer will be able to detect that.

If the first hash code equals the second hash code, the data is designated as valid; otherwise, the data is designated as invalid. In certain embodiments, signature engine 34 receives a first Boolean function and a second Boolean function, such as first and second characteristic functions.

Query engine 32 uses the query function and the characteristic function to identify one or more samples that have the one or more requested values.Some of the products and services listed on the Laserfiche Solution Exchange were not developed by Laserfiche.


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