Radioactive dating powerpoint

And does creation "from a rib" symbolize an intimate "side by side" relationship between man and woman?How are the dust-and-rib passages interpreted in FOUR VIEWS OF CREATION that propose creation by miracles and/or natural process?Two types of creation (young-earth, and old-earth progressive by independent creations) could be literally from dust and a rib, while in the other two creations (progressive by genetic modifications, and evolutionary) the dust & rib refer to elements & relationship.If Adam & Eve were instantly created from dust & rib, so they began life as adults with no memories of previous personal or interpersonal experiences, their situation would be very different than our situation.What do proponents of a young earth-and-universe say about this scientific evidence?They typically respond in one or more of these four ways: A) claim their own analysis of the evidence is better than conventional analysis (you can examine the evidence-and-logic in AGE OF THE EARTH - SCIENCE) so the logic of science should lead to conclusions that the earth is young and so are humans (), and/or they B) challenge the credibility of HISTORICAL SCIENCES; C) acknowledge the weakness in current young-universe science, but hope it will improve in the future; D) claim the universe is young even though it appears to be old when we carefully examine the scientific evidence, because the universe was created in a mature state with a false APPEARANCE OF OLD AGE.



By analyzing the diversity in these genes and others, using mathematical models for population genetics, scientists calculate that the current human population has descended from a population bottleneck (the smallest group of ancestors in our history, estimated at 10,000) that occurred about 150,000 years ago; and some of the 150 alleles in our immune systems go back to 5 million years or more.

The scientific evidence also leads to specific old-earth claims about humans: Fossil Progression: Scientists have discovered hundreds of human-like fossils.


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