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#Hurricane Maria #Puerto Rico #San Juan #Puerto Rico Strong pic.twitter.com/1lk CSp Jd CZ — Rosaline Cabrera (@rosalinetweets) September 22, 2017 Across social media, critics pushed back against Trump’s tweet and argued that those without potable water were not “doing well.”NBC News that the federal government had dispatched more than 10,000 people — including 700 FEMA employees — to assist with recovery efforts in both Puerto Rico and the U. Yet significant structural barriers — including damages to Puerto Rico’s roads, airfields and seaports — have slowed the distribution of supplies, leaving people in more remote areas feeling hopeless and forgotten. Though he said the FEMA personnel working in Puerto Rico “have been wonderful,” Cruz made clear that “we have a humanitarian crisis on our hands right now and we must one, pull together, two, be able to set up all the logistics for the distribution of all the aid.”A subsequent tweet by the president suggested which part of Cruz’s comments made an impact on Trump.After announcing that the president would travel to the storm-ravaged U. territory next week, the White House issued a press release stating that Trump had also moved to increase federal funding 100 percent for debris removal and emergency protective measures in Puerto Rico.“Many roads are impassable, so they’re unable to simply drive to their homes to check. The food system collapsed.”Following Trump’s tweets Monday night, Puerto Rican officials took to cable news to urge the federal government to step up its response.Not only that, but gas is in such high demand and limited.” per person,” she added. We need someone to help us immediately.”New York Times reported that residents have been trying to collect rain in lieu of promised water deliveries." data-reactid="49"In Arecibo, another coastal city nearly 70 miles from San Juan, the New York Times reported that residents have been trying to collect rain in lieu of promised water deliveries.“I have one water truck; I need 10,” David Latorre, Arecibo’s emergency management director told the Times. Morning Joe.” He called for Congress to take action on approving an aid package or risk causing “a humanitarian crisis,” with “thousands if not millions of Puerto Ricans flocking to the United States." data-reactid="63"“This is unprecedented and we’re gonna need more help,” Puerto Rican Gov.


Puerto Rico is much more than sparkling beaches around every turn.

Looking at the long-term history of Puerto Rico’s debt and what caused it reveals that the federal government in fact shoulders much of the blame for the crisis.



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