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Ashlee revealed, “Unfortunately the entire scene with the lock had to be cut because Hoboken has a new rule that frowns upon people placing locks on that pier.If I’m not mistaken all of those locks have since been removed (makes me sad). Bravo didn’t feel comfortable airing it as to not upset the city of Hoboken by promoting the act. I just felt bad that y’all didn’t get to see the full effect of what Pete did because it was so cute.” Ugh. Bravo should have just showed the scene and put up a disclaimer about the regulations changing or have Ashlee mention it during her on-camera interview portion. At the very least, I’m happy that what we saw on TV wasn’t actually the entire proposal. TELL US – DO YOU THINK IT MADE SENSE FOR THE PROPOSAL TO BE EDITED THE WAY IT WAS?The two then showed up hand-in-hand at the BAFTA 9th Annual Tea Party, and were close and cuddly at the Emmys on Sunday night.And television's biggest night was also the night that Piazza decided to introduce the 26-year-old to his mom and dad, reports , Ashlee and Vincent and his parents were spotted dining together at HBO's Emmys afterparty at L. While the two have been getting glam recently at all the red carpet events, Piazza told the magazine, his dates with Ashlee are usually way more casual. "So a date night for me is kind of curled up at home and watching something ...

Ashlee killed two birds with one stone with her an Instagram post that was both an #MCM for Pete and a clarification about what actually went down during the proposal.

Ashlee Simpson only filed for divorce from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz in February, but the singer/actress seems to be getting serious with boyfriend "Boardwalk Empire" star Vincent Piazza.

The two have been rumored to be dating since June, but made their first ever public appearance together at the "Boardwalk Empire" season two premier in New York just days ago.

I think @c3peteo did so amazing that I couldn’t not post the full story (again) today.”There was actually a really cute part that didn’t make the show with the couple walking along the pier in Hoboken.

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