Online dating site at mingle2 com

Mingle2says they have a huge community, and that’s true. Sure, we sent out messages anyway; it’s the only way to be fair to the site and how we rank it.But we didn’t get much of anything back not even a Mingle2 scam, and that’s partly because of how they Match people up really doesn’t work out. They get points for being free, but the fact that we didn’t get a single date out of it kind of indicates why.


According to Finkel, they’re a couple’s interactive style and their ability to navigate stressful Mingle2 any good, is Mingle2 for real, is Mingle2 legit, Mingle2 comparison, Mingle2 ratings, Mingle2 review, Mingle2 scam, online dating sites, scam dating sites, sites like Mingle2, worst dating sites When we first visited, we looked at the pictures they display on their front page. Most of the pictures are of guys, and not even guys like us. Out of all the emails we sent out, we only got a few replies—sixty, to be exact—and not a single one panned out with a date.


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