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Sandra (USA) Report N43 (added on August, 22, 2014) I am IN SHOCK at how much of a scoundrel this idiot is !! Thankfully I was cautious enough to catch on and check on your site. Im going to use the information listed on this site to do some reporting. Over time he advised me that he had no family and was heading out on a dangerous mission and needed someone to take care of his personal papers and could he send me the information.But, he does have my address and ph number as well, and pictures of me and my boys ! As soon as he asked I freaked out, but did not let on. It was in a locked box and no one would have access to it. Before long the box was getting held up in Ghana as it did not have the proper paper work for it to pass through customs. Well James then hired a lawyer to come to the rescue and said the Diplomat company was not qualified to transport such a box.I cannot believe I have been so stupid to fall for this.My biggest worry is that I have Skype''d with him, he never showed himself saying he cannot because of his job in the military that he is not allowed to show himself on camera, but I have showed myself, too much of myself if you know what I mean.I am just sick reading about all the money and gifts this creep has managed to escape with. He popped out of nowhere on Match and kept chat requesting me persistently until I gave in. He is under the impression I bought him a phone, and boy is he anxious to get it ! The diplomat advised that we needed to pay for an ownership document, an origin document and a no inspection certificate. Then money was needed to get the no inspection certificate and a court order to allow the box to move to Canada from Ghana.

Cindy (USA) Report N46 (added on August, 25, 2014) He contacted me through match. Rebecca Leard (USA) Report N47 (added on August, 26, 2014) This man richard james geogre sent me a friend request on Facebook claiming to know my friend who lives in LA after some days of corresponding ask me to marry him he accepted friend request from all my family members corresponded with the as well.

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He would then meet me there and we would start a life together.

He also mentioned the manager as Mr Francis Bullah.. Morris Fynn in Ghana trough moneygram twice total 0 for luggage in customs.I completed the form which required a lot of my personal information and emailed it back to one Serfeze Ferenc (email address [email protected]).


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