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My guess is that the average workday lasted at least 14 hours.

To respond to various crises, the need for such was frequent, and we would often go without a night's sleep, hoping to recoup the next night or thereafter.

It is difficult to be caught in the middle of a constitutional struggle between the executive and legislative branches over who will formulate and direct the foreign policy of this nation.

It is difficult to be vilified by people in and out of this body, some who have proclaimed that I am guilty of criminal conduct even before they heard me.

And that work consisted of, my first few years on the staff, as a project officer for a highly classified and compartmented national security project which is not a part of this inquiry.

I worked hard on the political military strategy for restoring and sustaining democracy in Central America and in particular El Salvador.

He tried, and in my opinion succeeded, in advancing the cause of world peace by strengthening our country, by acting to restore and sustain democracy throughout the world and by having the courage to take decisive action when needed. One of the few good things that has come from the last seven months of worldwide notoriety has been the renewed contact that I've had with some of the finest people in the world - those with whom I served in Vietnam. are many from those who recount the horrors we lived through and who now relate stories of their families and careers.

My only real regret is that I virtually abandoned my family for work during these years. I came to the National Security Council six years ago to work in the Administration of a great President. Insofar as I can recall, I always acted on major matters with specific approval, after informing my superiors of the facts as I knew them, the risks and the potential benefits. My best friend is my wife Betsy, to whom I have been married for 19 years and with whom I have had four wonderful children, aged 18, 16, 11 and 6. My military training inculcated me - in me a strong belief in the chain of commnd. Admiral Poindexter is a distinguished naval officer who served in a number of important positions of responsibility. staff, I knew that I held a position of responsibility, but I knew full well what my position was.

he worked long hours, made great contributions, and I admire him for those efforts.

on July 7, 1987, the select committees of the House and Senate received a statement, the opening statement, of Colonel North. Bud Mc Farlane is a man who devoted nearly 30 years of his life to public service, in a number of responsble positions. He, too, was a tireless worker with a similar record of public service, and I, too, admire him greatly. I understand that he was also a close personal friend and adviser to President Reagan. I did not engage in fantasy that I was the President or Vice President, or a Cabinet member, or even the director of the National Security Council.



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