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It was refurbished at a cost of £300 to enable it to accommodate 170 inmates.

Live links to survey forms for the individual addresses are provided in the chart below (these were added in February 2016). He worked on the Little Stone House gift shop and many other stone structures in Guilford. located at corner of Goose Lane & Clapboard Hill Rd. Article in Guilford Preservation Alliance Fall 2003 Newsletter. Later—presumably in 1987—an identical structure was built…on the south side of the lot. Scarborough workhouse entrance block from the north-east, 2001. Scarborough workhouse arms above central entrance archway, 2001. The entrance block was extended to the east in about 1897 and a casual ward and stone-breaking cells added.Scarborough workhouse casuals' block from the north-east, 2001. The main block had the Master's quarters at the centre with male and female wings to each side. On December 4th 1859, the aged paupers were transported "by omnibus" from the old premises to the new workhouse. Together with his wife, a house-cook, an infirmary nurse and a porter, he had charge in April 1861 of 92 inmates who included an 87-year-old flour miller from Malton, a 39-year-old Driffield charwoman with three children under five, a Suffield farm labourer aged 77, a Lancashire plasterer and his wife in their early sixties, and an unmarried domestic servant of 26 from Norfolk with week-old twins born in the workhouse.It was later extended with the addition of cross-wings at each end. Extensive additions were made in 1897-9 which included extensions to the infirmary, and a new laundry, bake-house and a new board-room. In 1948, the site joined the National Health Service as St Mary's Hospital.

Scarborough workhouse main block from the east, 2001. Scarborough workhouse site, 1910 The infirmary lay on higher ground at the south of the site. Scarborough workhouse infirmary block from the south-east, 2001. The workhouse subsequently became Scarborough Public Assistance Institution. The hospital closed in around 2000 and the buildings demolished except for the entrance block.

The new building, which cost £12,000 and accommodated 300-400 inmates, was erected at a site to the west of the town, fronting onto Dean Street (now Dean Road).


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