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Award vacation on a pay period or other basis using years worked or actual hours worked as a criteria for awarding vacation and sick time.

Payroll data easily transfers to the quarterly 941 Form (Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return) where it can be reviewed, edited, and then either printed on plain paper or e Filed.

Additional employee information can be set up and stored in the system, such as employee photos, and links to forms such as the resume, W-4, or any form you choose.

Paying your employees becomes an easy process in Center Point Payroll!This software has the processes you need to calculate and adjust pay, if necessary, to meet those requirements.Easily select salaried employees separate from hourly employees or select only employees with time clock entries or select only those employees paid bi-weekly versus weekly. Very powerful vacation and sick time calculation and tracking is included in the software.Center Point Time Clock enables employees and supervisors to enter time online, from any web-enabled device where the internet is available.

Employees and supervisors can manage time entry online, and that information can be imported directly into Center Point Payroll.This is an excellent option for those processing payroll for multiple companies, and for larger companies that add many employees as an ongoing process.


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