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if you want to learn more about the term chat room then check out World of chats Facebook page.

I remember the first time I saw anyone being funny about internet chat rooms was seeing Johnny Vegas talking about them in room 101, and about how he went for an adult date and talked about sex.

I spent a lot of good years here and watched it grow and change.

I've been intending Tc for the past, 4 days and so far there's nothing more remarkable and fun to be at.

This is an extra add on you can use alongside the main chat rooms provided, a whole new and exciting world of chat is waiting to be explored.


If you are a mobile user you will see our mobile version of the site when you access World of Chat, you will find good access to the chat rooms via the menu top right of the screen, a little square icon, where it will give you a list of the other pages within our site.

teenchat is a great thing to meet new ppl and have a good time when ur siting at home bored i have not used it much but wat time i have used it i love it many of diff ppl and many of rooms to pick from and that's wat i like about it so much all the rooms when u get bored of one room u can always go to other rooms and fined diff ppl but this is all i got to say about it Teenchat is a great place.


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