Michelle dating tips gta iv

I suspect I won’t post diary entry #5 until I complete the campaign.Soon after the last entry, I was surprised to discover that you can park (and then save) the helicopter within the yellow lines outside the various safehouses.GTA IV Diary: Entry #1, Entry #2, Entry #3, Entry #4 Key Stats: 43.45% done | 55 missions passed | 66 missions failed | 3,224 in cash | Playing Time | 3rd & 4th safehouse It’s been a week since Diary Entry #3.My objective was to get to the point where all of Liberty City was unlocked before making this entry.Landing within a few hundred feet of the chevrons sufficed in most cases.Tip 2 – Helicopter Bumper Buttons: When I got to the part of the game where you fly a helicopter as part of a mission for the first time, the game provides on-screen instructions on how to fly.


I now make a point of saving a helicopter outside my safehouse before attempting these missions. He appeared in another comedy skit when I watched TV in the Algonquin safehouse. No matter where I find myself in this large city there are always humans engaged in location, weather and time of day appropriate activities.

But no matter how many times I went back, there was never a helicopter on the sixth landing circle (the one at the bottom of the ‘T’ shaped landing area).

I had assumed that I needed to achieve/unlock the “Full Exploration” achievement before a helicopter would land there.

Those two steps can sometimes take 5 or more minutes in a car or by taxi.

That’s fine if you have to play the mission just once.If you land a few feet away and walk to the chevron, the helicopter disappears after Michelle leaves the house.



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