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One minute you see her point and the next you are agreeing with him.Actor Jerry Oconnel as well as a couple of other writers put nothing original in the script except they treat each character as if they each have a brain and a personality.First Daughter treats everyone in the movie seriously and most characters are fairly well fleshed out.Although this is a romantic comedy, the heart of the movie is the First Daughter's relationship to her parents.The one problem I have with this movie is that there truly is not a climax.Sure the father/daughter relationship reaches a new understanding, but the love story is left open ended.


Holmes and Keaton have a scene early on where they dance in the White House kitchen. However, their relationship gets deeper as the movie progresses.

The movie also lacks that one scene where one character lets go and blows up at someone else.


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    Our dear demented Something Weird scribe compares the duo's dialog patter to PULP FICTION, but the banter they improvise is sheer drivel.

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    Nathaniel Clayton, the hugely successful Lincoln industrialist, only had daughters, but two of these produced sons.

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