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In addition, 19,000 people are candidates for renal transplants, and 30,000 people currently receiving dialysis also could benefit from a new kidney, he said. Nelson said a 1978 Georgia law could serve as a model.

It provides that, upon a request from an eye bank, an eye or a corneal tissue may be removed from a newly-dead person as long as the person had raised no advance objection and none is raised by relatives.

This began with the development of an organ donation curriculum to educate teachers about the issue.


Thompson's, vision of a model instructional package for high schools that will educate the nation's youth about the importance of organ and tissue donation and the need to make an informed decision about whether to be a donor and share their donation wishes with their families.These educational interventions have been done in three different contexts: health education classes, driver's education classes, and through the internet.A traditional classroom-based intervention was conducted in Buffalo.This multifaceted set of materials—print, video, CD-ROM, and web-based—can be used by both public and private educators to integrate the topic of organ and tissue donation into existing curriculum and training programs.

has initiated “The organ donation breakthrough collaborative in 2003” and “The National Donation Campus Challenge in 2009”.

A social ethics organization proposes that everyone's organs should be made available at death, by law, unless the person or a relative objects in advance.


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