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Cybersex, also called computer sex, Internet sex, netsex and, colloquially, cyber or cybering, is a virtual sex encounter in which two or more people connected remotely via computer network send each other sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience.

It can also be used to gain experience for solo writers who want to write more realistic sex scenes, by exchanging ideas like sex position.

For men desperate to meet other men, a nominal fee (say per post) shouldn't be prohibitive.

Some online social games like Red Light Center are dedicated to cybersex and other adult behaviors.

This is what we’re going to look at in this section.

Dating Asian women does have its own unique challenges.


Imagination and suspension of disbelief are also critically important.While it does not involve physical contact, critics claim that the powerful emotions involved can cause marital stress, especially when cybersex culminates in an Internet romance.


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