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The show extends beyond the boundaries of figure skating.During one fast-paced production, a group of bboys join the skaters in a mesmerizing battle of one-upmanship that showcases the similarities between dance and skating. So he has no appearances that I know of on the weekend, though Access Hollywood’s weekend editions may have some repackaged video from earlier in the week.Here are the three looks Johnny and Tara considered when doing their shopping at Decades.Many skaters have told me it takes no effort to tack on a double toe loop; had Kim done that, she would have earned at least another point.``I think after I missed the salchow (combination), I did not focus enough to do the flip,'' Kim told reporters in the mixed zone, according to Ando, also world champion in 2007, was not without mistakes: a botched landing on a double toe loop resulted in the only negative technical grade either she or Kim received on the 12 elements each performed.``I wasn't performing perfect today. I didn't probably have speed,'' Ando said in the mixed zone.Now audiences in America will have an opportunity to see for themselves all that makes “2010 All That Skate LA” so different from other skating shows.



Had she landed the jump solidly and followed it with the planned double toe, it would have been worth enough to make up the 2.43 points by which Italy's Carolina Kostner (184.68) beat Czisny (182.25) for bronze.

Another showstopper is the live performance by Korean singing sensation Younha.


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