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Ferrari Unlike others, ‘ferraro’ or ‘ferrari’ is an occupational surname that means a blacksmith Romano This popular name is taken from the word, ‘romanus’, the latin word for Rome.

This surname and its other alternate descriptive name, ‘romani’, is generally given to someone from Rome.

During the second of these periods it was organised as a feudal lordship, with the following Lords of Jerba: 1284–1305 Roger I, 1305–13–1310 Roger II (twice), 1310 Charles, 1310 Francis-Roger III; there were also royal governors, whose times in power partially overlapped with those of the Lords: c.Most of these surnames mentioned below, are descriptive and are generally based on a unique quality of the person or their nickname (such as the person's color of hair or skin).Furthermore, each of the surnames often take on similar alternate surnames with respect to the region.Rossi The name Rossi actually refers to a person with red hair or reddish skin and is said to be the most common or prevailing surname in Italy.

Rossi also is the plural of the nickname ‘rosso’, which means red.One of these, whose modern name is Būrgū, is found near Midoun in the center of the island.


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