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In this particular photo from Missouri in 2014, the harvest moon was also a supermoon.Harvest moon: The harvest full moon (also called the corn moon) is the moon closest to the autumn equinox in September.Blue moon: This type of moon is not named for its color, but rather for its irregular occurrence in the typical lunar cycle.A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month, which happens once every two to three years.-d /img/anim_banniere_ -d webcilon./bannieres/ -d /Webself Editeur/Formulaire Demo.aspx? File: [mozdev] / adblockplus / www / easylist / latvianlist Revision 1.67: download - view: text, annotated - select for diffs - revision graph Wed Jun 19 2013 UTC (4 years, 4 months ago) by trev Branches: MAIN CVS tags: HEAD 1: ms Filter List 2: # Title: Latvian List Easy List 3: # Latvian List and Easy List combination subscription 4: # Last modified: UTC 5: : Expires=4 6: # Homepage: 7: # 8: # *** Fetched from:*** 9: # Last modified: 2013-06-02 UTC 10: # Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0 11: # 12: # Lūdzu paziņojiet par nebloķētām reklāmām vai problēmām 13: # forumā ( Skywatchers and photographers enjoyed an extraordinary celestial sight last night when a glowing Harvest Moon lit up the Bay Area sky on Thursday night.This was the first time a Harvest Moon has appeared since 2009.

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