Glif dating

I know many post stories here reputed to be true, but they're usually so embellished it's hard to believe them. And this story, I swear, is absolutely true, completely unembellished, just the facts, pure, simple and sexy.

Truth is, I love older women, their look, their texture, their sexuality, their experience.

She was extraordinary, about 5-6, 130 pounds, incredibly fit, beautiful face, the most shimmering silver hair cut short. Honestly, she could've passed for 60 at best, she was that well preserved and lovely.

We were at a party, we drank, we chatted, flirted heavily, Ellie crossing her magnificent legs, the skirt riding high to expose supple, freckled thighs and down below, superbly muscled calves for someone her age. "Well, I work out about 12 hours a week," she said proudly, extending her legs to show me those meaty, firm calves. " "Oh, God yes, do you ever," I gushed enthusiastically, looking at the firm flesh, the sexy freckles on them, her lovely feet in stylish pumps.

She was charming throughout, a quintessential, coquettish southern belle, working the room, collecting longing looks – mostly from me.



Mercy, can they do things that younger woman cannot."I can't believe you love my neck, it's too wrinkled! I couldn't stop, pressing my eight-inches into her supple thigh, I licked those wrinkles, suckling the sweet folds, lapping the warm flesh until I thought I'd cum on her thigh.


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