The four-year curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BS CE) enables the graduate to enter professional practice as an engineer or to continue his or her studies in programs leading to advanced degrees in the following broad fields of specialization: The BS CE degree program is designed to offer depth in course material considered essential for all civil engineers, as well as flexibility in selecting elective courses that offer breadth of topic exposure.Civil engineers contribute to society in numerous ways; thus, the School's philosophy is to provide the student with a range of electives that meet student interests.Students alternate between work assignments and classroom studies until they complete four or five semesters of work.Co-op students with a civil engineering major complete the same coursework on campus that is completed by regular four-year students.Civil engineers must not only be technically proficient, but also must be effective in working with people and with professionals in other disciplines.Although students are not obligated to take the courses during the semester indicated, they must satisfy all prerequisites for a particular course.

The program is the fourth oldest of its kind in the world and the largest optional co-op program in the country.

After all my son is a Yorkshire pudding – usually ignoring the rest of his roast and sneaking as many on his plate as he can manage.

By the way if you are not familiar with Yorkshire puddings, they are similar to popovers or Dutch baby pancakes – essentially a pancake batter cooked in a preheated greased muffin tin. You cook the batter in a skillet or oven-safe frying pan for about 10 minutes until nicely golden.

Essentially this is Sunday roast in a wrap or ‘Brexit kebab’ to quote my husband.

You could replace the lamb with roast chicken or beef – as long as you have plenty of gravy to go with it, anything goes.As for the roast lamb it is definitely the easiest roast you will ever make – and possibly the most delicious. “You just don’t know, because you have to MAKE gravy, it doesn’t come!


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