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Feel free to call me for an evaluation or questions on Prostate Cancer.

More importantly, I am proud to state that from 2012 my protocol has SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED, SAVED OR PROLONGED thousands of lives including MY OWN.... These make me quiver due to the fact that they have sole confidence in the one doctor. I had bad headaches,weakness,aches and developed heart palpitations I never had before.He told me I needed an Aortic Valve Replacement and open Heart Surgery within 4 years. Chen, then a researcher with Bayer AG, expressed an interest in combining Chinese herbal medicine and Western science.I wanted someone to take me outside and put me out of my misery. They began working together, doing animal research and eventually coming up with the current version of their treatment.Now stable from 51 to 8 and holding for 3 months now 6 Pcspes and 2 rounds of Pomi10X.

It will lower even more.-Al Dickerson 74 Managing a steady PSA of 8 down from 38 for 6 months now 3 pills of Pcspes and one round of Pomi10x -Will Deneres- PSA 30 lowered it to 8 in 3months 4 Pcspes and 1 round POMI10x per day.It is not the hopeless, weak minded, or easily mislead.


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