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“I keep going back to the open trunk door, how it accordioned back after the hit and gave their backs and heads room,” he says. “After an experience like that, you split off into three ways of thinking. ” The second way of looking at what happened, he says, “is less positive.When you’ve met death and you can see firsthand how fragile we all are and how truly horrific death can be, you know that this is something you’re going to have to experience again. I can’t draw worth shit.) This is short but I hope it good. •comic book store date nights •Bowie duets in the car •^contest to see who can be louder •horror movies •Starbucks every morning •him drawing you when he’s bored •you draw him drawing you (if you can draw.“I ended up underneath the bumper of this massive vehicle,” he says.

The only other kids at the park at the time were these really big high school kids who wanted to play us so they could beat the shit out of us. That’s exactly what it felt like.” After a brief moment of uncertainty, Iero realized he had been hit by a bus.

“You wonder if you didn’t survive and if all this is an imagination.

Maybe this is what happens when you die — your brain keeps going and you manufacture an existence.

My Chemical Romance's music and band members are huge influences on a wide range of people.

This article will provide some guidelines on how the band members of My Chemical Romance have intended their fans to handle certain situations and topics that the band members have openly discussed.

I thought that I was crazy for a while until I spoke with Paul and Evan and we had similar feelings on it. If this is existence, it’s yours now, and you have to make do.” Frank Iero and the Patience never made it to that Sydney gig.


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