Fran drescher dating younger men


It's nice that if you have had love with someone along the way [but it didn’t work out], you don’t have to be enemies and you can find a way back to the love.

It might not be the same, but it doesn’t always mean it is bad or worse ...

stars Fran and is based on the events of her and Peter's post-marriage lives together, as it would've happened today and instead of the late '90s when they separated and divorced.



In my neighborhood, everyone got married at 20 years old and that was it, there was no choice; that was what you did.We were just honored by GLAAD, they gave us a lovely award.We are very supportive of the HRC, and The Trevor Project.Michael came in, the last person, and they tested together. We are so lucky to have him, he’s such a brilliant talent. [] Yes, I’m oblivious: oblivious when people are coming on to me.


When the first time I went to a gay bar, I walked in with a friend and some guy came up to me and said, 'yo daddy,' and I said, 'Why is he calling me tha? Any significant relationships coming up on the show for Peter?[] As you said, you and Fran are both strong supporters of equality and LGBT rights.


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