Fender pro junior dating


It can even, to some extent, be used as a performance amp.Guitarists that have aspirations of playing live are going to save money in the long run by going for an entry-level professional amp rather than going for a cheaper beginner amp and then needing to buy a better amp later.The Hot Rod Pro Junior III requires more thought than most beginner amps, since it is a larger investment, but it is most likely going to last longer for most guitarists, as opposed to a solid state amp that eventually is going to be replaced by most guitarists by a better sounding amp as they get better at playing.


The Hot Rod Pro Junior III is a simple tube amp that delivers a good tone.The one hang up is the volume control also handles overdrive.Back before overdrive became a feature built into amps, guitarists used to get this tone by turning the volume up on an amp until the signal started to get fuzzy.The Fender Hot Rod Pro Junior III is a more traditional beginner amp for someone that has professional aspirations.

It is a good, simple amp that produces a very good tone and it has enough power for smaller venues, practicing with other musicians, and recording.Overall, this should not be a huge or even noticeable issue for most beginners.



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