Eunhyuk dating 2016

Heechul: What is funny is that I was not copying Kyunghoon’s vocals. Still, out of courtesy for fans, I want to stand on a stage like at a year end award ceremony. It has been 6 years since I last stood on a year end award ceremony stage so if we receive an invitation I want to go on stage with Kyunghoon. Although I am happy, I feel I have to be more careful. To be honest, I used to think of how to answer such questions in a cool way but now no descriptions are needed.

Kyunghoon finished recording first so I harmonised to match the beat. “Not having fear, is my biggest strength” – What is the secret to Ask Us Anything’s popularity? I am not the type to be expressive towards dongsaengs but I occasionally go to support their stages.

Additionally, Kyuhyun will also take a break from MBC′s Radio Star, in which he is a fixed MC.


The photo was posted onto her (IU) Twitter, (most likely accidentally) and then taken down within 2 minutes.Many Super Junior members previously wished him well on the day of his enlistment. oid=109&aid=0003441826&gid=999339&cid=1051108 Translated by: https:// with Min Kyunghoon, sounds like just one voice right? Heechul: When I was writing the lyrics, I wondered whether to write lyrics that were easy to understand, but I wrote them the way I wanted to. I wanted to write about the friendships built up with the ‘Ask Us Anything’ members since we met, talk about having to say goodbye in future, and a message to meet again. It was more excessive in the past; my fans know that well (Laughs). His pure and straightforward way of speaking is why female guests like him.I searched for pure Korean words and found the expression ‘Butterfly Dream’ very pretty. Even when I was ‘Youngstreet’ DJ, I got close to hyungs like Lee Juck, Lee Seunghwan and Leessang faster because I knew them well. “I have gained a lot from ‘Ask Us Anything’” – To Kim Heechul, Min Kyunghoon is? He seems so pure, which makes his ‘Rated 19’ topics even funnier. He is a dongsaeng I met for the first time on ‘Ask Us Anything’. I like the hyungs too, but gaining a person like Min Kyunghoon is the most meaningful. Heechul: In the past we were like family, but now we are like a married couple.Previously, Kangin hit a streetlight after drinking alcohol in May.

His final trial is scheduled to take place on September 7 at 10 a.m. On July 27, Super Junior’s Kangin received an official court date for his DUI (driving under the influence) incident.

The Super Junior member crashed into a streetlight in a drunken state on May 24, and was investigated by the police.


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