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Because the last thing an unprepared pastor would ever want, if they knew what’s good for them, is someone like me actually paying attention to what they are preaching. You know, I have been celibate now for three years, but before that I did my share of sleeping around.

During that time I met this really cute girl at a New Years party, no I don’t remember her name, and we hooked up.

I want to slap a name and a face on the thing and put it in a little box I can carry around with me! Maybe you just can’t really put such human restrictions on such a limitless thing?

I’m in Texas now, still searching, and I must admit that I am a bit lonely out here. I heard online that there was some church out here that had a very large singles scene for people about my age and so I went there hoping that maybe with such a huge “dating pool” it would be easier for me to meet people.

I personally can’t see where in the Christian scriptures there is enough proof to support the theory that someone who was “saved” can then become “un-saved” and go to hell.

I have seen enough scripture to sway me more towards the “once saved always saved” school of thought, but please understand that what was being preached here was neither of these options.

He even took it so far as to say that this not only applies to people who are not “saved” and think they are by being “good people” but this also applies to actual Christians who just are not close enough to Jesus that he REALLY knows them well.I have had visions and experiences sitting on a cold floor of a rented gym with a Buddhist Master.I have seen the poor be generous and the ugly beautiful. I have nothing against size or big screen tv’s and operation budgets that would feed a third-world country…For both of these people the end result is the same (in his opinion) — that you get cast into a lake of fire.

Now as heartwarming as this sermon is, I must point a few things out that I think are a bit off.

She told me that some of the other guys she had been with before me were “bigger” than me, but that they were unable to please her, but I was able to give her not one but multiple orgasms…



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