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For more Edinburgh trip planning tips, a good place to start your planning is the Edinburgh city tourism website.

If your travels in Scotland are taking you beyond Edinburgh, head to the Visit Scotland tourism website for planning the rest of your travels throughout Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle is the most recognizable landmark in the city, it sits atop a volcanic peak and dominates the city skyline.

The castle was the setting for so many historical events in Scotland and so many famous people once visited or lived within its walls including Mary, Queen of Scots.

You can also browse through my other UK travel posts and the dozens of UK posts over on Laurence’s blog.

For more specific Edinburgh Festival information, you can find loads of information on the Festivals Edinburgh website.

There are so many things to do in Edinburgh Scotland!

If you have control over the timing of your visit, you may want to plan to attend at least one of the city’s 12 major festivals.Finally, you can also drive to Edinburgh, although be aware that most hotels, particularly those in the city center, don’t offer free parking.


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