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Over the past 30 years, Paabo and his colleagues have worked to develop the tools to extract and sequence fossil DNA, and their techniques have steadily improved.Previously, they were able to map an entire Neanderthal genome extracted from a toe bone; when they compared that genome to human genomes, they found that humans and Neanderthals share a common ancestor, which probably lived around 600,000 years ago.As it turned out, the 45,000-year-old femur found by Peristov yielded an astonishing amount of genetic material.Paabo’s team, who reported their findings this week in the journal Nature, were able to use the DNA they extracted to make a highly detailed copy of the genome of Ust’-Ishim man, as the fossil was dubbed.Peristov brought it to scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences who identified it as belonging to a modern human, and not a Neanderthal, based on its teardrop-shaped cross section.

Kent Hovind, the evangelist behind Dinosaur Adventure Land, is not alone in using paleontological wonders as a tool for religious outreach.They were hanging out with Adam and Eve in the lush recreation of the Garden of Eden, marching two by two onto Noah’s Ark. Wouldn’t an organization that wants us to believe the earth has only been around for 6,000 years want to distance itself from creatures which have been proven to be millions of years old?


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