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You could also get from people who actually make kefir themselves, but they would ask for it more, as it does indeed require time to make it and milk I can ask some if you are desperate.

And this would be a GOOD link to read to answer your last question with a hassle free What I mean is that it's possible in the US to buy kefir with live bacteria (lactobacillus *).

The standard for language tags on the Internet, which includes Web technologies, email, protocol headers, HTML, XML, IMAP, LDAP, RDF, RSS, and a potpourri of other acronyms, is a something called "BCP 47".



RFC 3066bis places additional restrictions on the format of a language tag, that is, language tags cannot vary as widely under RFC 3066bis as they could under either predecessor.

Alnatura and Coop have kefir products but they all seem to be pasteurized (which is not exactly kefir...). If everyone on the thread thinks that I am too fixated on buying kefir and I should just learn to make it then that is good to know too (but right now I don't even know what is a milk kefir grain versus a water kefir grain).

The nearest live kefir I know in a shop is about 6000km west in Whole Foods. OK I admit I'm lazy / overworked - pick word as appropriate.

IMO that reduces the food value - it's a source of protein, minerals, vitamins like any dairy, but the bacteria are all gone.

Thanks for the link, those kefirs look delicious Kefir from Coop and MIGROS are almost like yoghurt - is that what you mean? But for your info, kefir should be done from pasteurised milk.

Language tags can be used by a computer system to apply specific processing or formatting to the text in a language sensitive manner.


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