Dating southern women

If we could get a decent apartment for under 00 a month (like in the South), we'd be a whole lot bitchy too! but it's crazy how much many of the girls I went into high school with relished the stereotypes!

I've rarely seen "big hair" on girls from NY, Jersey, or LI.

I was born in MA and moved to Ohio after I got married.

I agree, there is a 'fantasy world' that many middle/upper class southern women live in.

I think many southern women aspire to be 'southern belles,' which is a very different goal than many northern women have.

Northern women tend to want respect, power and gender equality. Dude, you are "right on the money." Just like there are microclimates within small geographic areas, why wouldn't there be differences as one moves to another location?

Also, Southern girls are EVERY BIT as bitchy and "tough" as Northern girls, just in a different way.

Southern girls will hop in a lifted jeep with their boyfriend and go mudding, swearing the whole while.


The people I hang with are lovely, dear people, but the unofficial motto in NE Ohio is "If you can't wear it bowling, you're overdressed." However, when one of our sons married a NC debutant, I got a real culture shock.

Her family goes way back in MS and NC and it's as though they are in a time warp.


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