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It will cool you down, slow down your pounding heart which will then control the blood flow rushing to you head, making it easier for you to think and be responsive!

Sometimes our minds can run away with us, so by noticing how your mind processes will help you stop and ensure you don’t go over the top in what you have to say.

" Most people know not to yammer about exes on dates, so she'll likely change the subject. Halfway through dinner, you notice there's something stuck in her teeth. Say "Hey, you have a -little something," and gesture at your teeth.

Ignore it Answer: GENTLY POINT IT OUTThis can be awkward, but 90 percent of women say they would be horrified if they hit the bathroom and saw a gob of spinach clinging to their incisors.

Does your boyfriend throw a fit when he loses a game of Scrabble?

This is an important question, and one you must ask if you are planning on a long-term commitment to a person. Traveling Traveling together can bring couples closer together, but it can also shed light on some not-so-charming aspects of your new love.We’ve compiled a list of situations where “the real you” emerges—situations that test our nature. A trip is an adventure, and how your mate deals with being out of his or her comfort zone can tell you a lot.Does your significant other like to explore and enjoy the experience of just getting there, or is he/she the camp counselor with a regimented timetable?By reflecting on an emotional situation that you are in will help you think forward and progress in to an outward thinking way, which can lead to a new way of thinking, making things clearer in your mind and the situation, instead of going backwards in to more chaotic place!

You must always be true to your feelings but sometime you can see them backwards, leading you down the wrong path of thought!We have all been there, in that awkward situation of a dating disaster and that very moment when your emotions take it too far with the wrong words starting to come out of your mouth!


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