Dating iran friendship

Many historians say that then-President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s nationalization of the Suez Canal was greatly inspired by Mossadegh’s 28 Mordad coup after he nationalized the Iranian oil sector, which had been under British control since 1913.A street in Giza still carries Mossadegh’s name today.Over the past half century, bilateral relations have been consistently turbulent – from the military coup staged by Free Officers Movement led by Nasser and toppling monarchism to the present time.Nasser established strong relations with Arab leaders to gradually distance Egypt from Israel and the West.At the ceremony, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mustafa Al-Maraghy even gave a speech attempting to merge the two sects of Islam that were symbolically being joined.But that attempt to forge relations came to an end as King Farouk’s friendship with his brother-in-law faltered his several trials to attract the attention of Princess Ashraf -the shah’s twin sister- failed miserably.

In turn, Sadat denounced Iran’s supreme leader, calling him a “lunatic” and accusing him of “distorting Islam.” When Sadat eventually was assassinated, Iran considered his killer Khaled Islamboli a martyr and even had a street named after him in Tehran.According to historian Refaat, Egypt’s large Persian community had started to dwindle by the time Gamal Abdel Nasser married his wife Tahia, who was Iranian and a Shi’a Muslim.


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